Have you heard of those companies that are sponsored by the State of Massachusetts that come to your house and evaluate your homes energy efficiency?

We Are One of Those Companies

No Upfront Costs

30% Tax Rebate

Financing That Costs Less Than Your Utility Bills

Take full advantage of Nathan coming to your house at NO COST, to not only complete a full report on your current homes energy use for you to keep. But also to print you up a full finance report based on your current utility bills. It is his hope to inform you that he has come up with the best solution for you that entails all Utility Bills never having to be paid again, like he has told so many others.

  • What do your utility bills (Gas, Oil, Electric, Propane) cost a month?
    $200 – $300 – $400 maybe $500 a month?
  • No matter the cost how would it feel to get rid of your utility bills? Like never pay for one again?
  • An average home owner saves $300 a month.
  • Your monthly payment for the conversion to high efficiency units will cost less, then your savings, from never paying a Utility bill ever again or we wont recommend it to you.
  • The program is backed by the Federal Government. Most home owners see 30% of the total projects value back in tax credits.
  • The state of Massachusetts through mass save will send you “a cherry on the top” check every month averaging in many cases to be from $200 to $350 a month.

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